If you would like to book a massage for a specific date and time, please contact me via WhatsApp or Telegram prior purchasing massage online: +34 604106265


60min €60

90min €90

120min €120


4x60min €200

4x90min €300

Firm massage that treats the internal areas of muscle fibers through therapeutic techniques using slow  deep pressure manoeuvres. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve chronic tension and  treat achy muscles after  training or a day outdoors. Deep tissue massage helps to bring back  freedom of movement and a sense of spaciousness in our bodies and assists in recovery after strenuous physical activities - training, hiking, physical work.

I will have a chat with you prior to the treatment and we will agree if you need a full body recovery massage or therapeutic massage for a specific area of your body.



60min €55

90min €80

120min €110


4x60min €200

4x90min €300

A full body relaxing massage performed with long, gentle, flowy strokes. Relaxing Zen massage promotes overall relaxation, relieves muscular tension , improves blood circulation and helps to quiet the mind. A soothing journey that helps to sail away from day to day worries into the place of serenity, peace and quiet.



60min €50

Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork based on  concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine - meridians. It is done on the floor, on the special massage mat - "futon". 
During Shiatsu bodywork session I use kneading, soothing, tapping, stretching and pressure point techniques performed without oil through light clothing. As a receiver, you will be dressed in clothes (please bring comfortable closing with you - sweatpants/leggings and a T-shirt).


30min €35

Massage session focusing on the upper body - face, head and shoulders. 

Human face has 46 muscles that get tense and overworked same way as any other muscle in a body. Releasing the tension in face and neck muscles reduces stress and calms the mind, improves mood, helps to relieve headaches,  assists  in hair growth, increases skin glow and can help to reduce wrinkles.

Choose this session whether you you are suffering from migraines caused by tight neck muscles and shoulders, bruxism (jaw clenching at night) or just  looking for a shorter, yet effective, massage session.

*PLEASE NOTE! This is not "lifting" massage or other type of facial massage promoted by beauty industry. While face massage has immediate visual effects on your face, in my treatments I focus on therapeutic benefits, rather than beauty. 



60min €50

Somatic bodywork operates off the idea that every single emotion we ever experience, creates a muscular response in our bodies. Therefore, what happens to us throughout our lives is stored not only in our minds, but also in our bodies. 

I use touch, movement, awareness of breath, myofascial release techniques, psoas release exercises, sound therapy and full body holding to help to create a safe container to help the receiver to relax more deeply and to stimulate the natural regenerative powers of the body for tension to lessen and vitality to grow.

In somatic bodywork I practice an approach of "being with you" rather than "doing something to you".

Somatic bodywork sessions can help with chronic stress, anxiety, trauma healing and developing a greater awareness and acceptance of our emotions. It is not what we feel, but how we feel about what we are feeling, what matters.

The session is done on the floor, on a "futon" (a mat). Please bring comfortable clothes to wear.


Enjoy massage at a comfort of your home. I will take care of everything, so you can fully relax.

If you are organising a get-together party and want to book me for several massages at your home, please get in touch for  rates and prices.



Receiving a massage helps to quiet the mind, release physical and emotional tensions from a body and invites us to move from a state of “doing” into a state of “being”. 

In the Holistic  Massage Therapy approach we view body as a whole, recognizing inseparable connection between physical body, mind and spirit.

I practice "working with you" instead of "on you" approach and adopt my massage techniques as per individual needs and the body's response to my touch- combining deep tissue, relaxation, thai massage techniques, cupping therapy with joint mobilisation and gentle stretches. For a deeper relaxation I incorporate sound healing and aromatherapy. Every session is an invitation to make a space and a room for yourself, because YOU matter!