Hi! I am Oksana Lazda - the face behind OX YOGA. 

I am passionate about different forms of movement in life - on a tangible and on a more energetic level. 

I believe that the way we feel in our bodies reflects in the  way we show up in life. When we feel good, tension free and when our mind is calm,  we naturally create an environment around us where we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Through  yoga and massage therapy I help  people to release layers of accumulated tension and create a state of expansion, calm and ease in their bodies and hearts.


My yoga journey began in 2014 while I was living in one of the busiest cities in the world - Mumbai - working a corporate job and craving to find a peaceful place to just be by myself. I instantly fell in love with yoga and ended up traveling and living in Buddhist Monasteries in Himalayas and Thailand, embarking into Vipassana 10 days silence meditation experience, spending time in Osho Meditation Resort in Pune and after 3 years returning again back to India to deepen my knowledge as a yoga teacher in the end of 2017. Since 2018, I have been working as a full-time yoga teacher and massage therapist in New Zealand and Barcelona, Spain.

My teaching style, same as my practice, is forever evolving and expanding.  Rooted in a meditative aspect of Ashtanga Yoga  and combined with tools from various movement and somatic disciplines, I create a lighthearted and organic flow that leaves a space and a time for self-enquiry and exploration.


Coming from a background of competitive swimming and being immersed in sports throughout my life, I was never interested in the physical aspect of yoga.  Instead I was looking for a tool that could help me to find contentment in a moment. Having a love for movement, I was naturally drawn to the vigorous style of Ashtanga Yoga.

At the start of my yoga journey, I experienced profound emotional releases - breaking into tears in the middle of the practice and recalling flashbacks of past traumatic events. It was nothing I had ever experienced before and it was then, when I discovered through my own experience the healing power of yoga.


Dealing with anxiety for the vast majority of my life and feeling trapped in a constant state of anger, led me to dive deeper into the studies of somatics and trauma. Understanding how our bodies store emotional dis-ease in a form of tension has helped me  reconnect to my heart, embody self-love and acceptance, and move through spirals of life with a little bit more grace and ease. 


Yoga has been a major tool that has helped me to navigate through anxiety and all sorts of emotions. Therefore, my aim as a teacher is to meet each practitioner where they are at in their own practice and hold a space to feel through  a spectrum of emotions that yoga exposes us to in a compassionate and loving way.

Through continuous fluid movement I invite students to cultivate a simple awareness of everything that happens and shift from the thinking minds into the feeling bodies.

After completing 500hrs  Hatha Yoga and 200hrs  Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings in India I continue being a student and seek new knowledge from  different teachers and forms of movement: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC),  Movement Culture, Somatic Movement and dance well as dive deeper into exploring breathwork and  Trauma Informed Yoga. 

Massage and Bodywork 

Wanting to deepen my knowledge in bodywork and be able to  help people to feel lighter in their bodies, I completed a Massage Therapy Course in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2016. Soon after I started to work in Luxury SPAs  and hotels in New Zealand, and Spain offering  a wide range of massages, body treatments and facials.

Since then, I have done "dive deeper" courses in Deep Tissue massage, Myofacia and Thai Massage. 

Currently I am studying Shiatsu in Escola de Shiatsu y Moviment with David Ventura in Barcelona.

I am offering integral massage therapy sessions in the heat of Barcelona and in Amara Valley Nature Retreat (retreat centre near Banyoles, Girona)

Every massage is tailored for personal needs and preferences. In my sessions I combine Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Shiatsu massage techniques with gentle stretches and joint mobilizations. I often use meditation, tibetian singing bowls and aromatherapy oils for a deeper relaxation.

Welcome everything, push away nothing


Openness - a willingness to look into whatever arises. It doesn't reject or get attached to a particular experience or view. It is a spacious, undefined, non-biases allowing. A total acceptance. Openness is the nature of awareness itself, and that nature allows experience to unfold.

This openness welcomes paradox and contradiction. It permits whatever energies to emerge. Openness means keeping our hearts and minds available to new information, experiences and opportunities for growth. It means having tolerance for unknown. 

/from "The Five Invitations" by Frank Ostaseski/