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Returning home

November 4 - 7, 2021 at Amara Valley, Catalunya, Spain

 A transformational journey to the core of your being

Transformation, realization, integration 

It is the time of autumn, nature’s perfect moment to draw within, shed those dying parts of us that no longer serve us and shed a light inside. What is there that needs to be held, felt and perhaps let go off? What is already there that needs to be nourished, sheltered, and cradled, for it to blossom into those new flowers that ignite our Spirit?

Oksana and Danielle are accompanying you on a journey within, sharing some of the tools that serve them best during those darker periods of life, and help you connect to that safe space inside that is always there.

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What to expect:

From thinking into feeling

Expanding your Emotional Intelligence, learning to recognise the wisdom of your emotions as signposts to your wholeness.

From stagnation and fear to movement and flow

Learning to move with your emotions, giving them a bodily expression and release stagnated energy holding you back.


From anxiety to stillness
What if you could feel anxious AND find that stillness inside?


From aversion to integration

What if you discover that those heavy emotions are actually not so scary at all? By leaning into them, feeling them, holding them, we can integrate those unmet parts of ourselves.

From separation to relation

Sometimes we can feel alone in our emotional experience. By learning to authentically express ourselves, we can learn to relate to others in a more real way and build meaningful relationships.


Coming home to your wholeness

Explore what happens when you can embrace your human(m)ess, drop the judgment you have about certain emotions and welcome all of you in. 

Practices we will explore:​

  • Horses & Nature assisted healing

  • Dynamic meditation

  • Emotional Clearing techniques

  • Embodied movement

  • Authentic relating

  • Somatic Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Walking meditation

  • Shaking practices

  • Breathwork

  • Temazcal (sweat lodge)

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If this speaks to you, please, feel welcomed to reach out. We are happy to jump on a call with you and hear your  story and answer all the questions you might have. Drop us an email on: or

Amara Valley Nature Retreat in mountains of Catalunya, Northern Spain

The mission of Amara Valley is to create a healing sanctuary of profound beauty, that enhances the wellness and development of everyone who comes here.

A nurturing place where we can learn to live in harmony, where our creativity can become reality, and where we are able to reimagine and develop our individual and collective potential.

It provides a home where Regenerative Culture in all its forms can be cultivated and celebrated.

Amara Valley and its community are guided by openness, kindness, integrity and love.

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A magical retreat centre surrounded by oak forest. A vision of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Price mentioned is for the retreat with with all workshops, meals and your choice of accommodation.

(Massage therapy  & Emotional clearing sessions will be available upon request for additional fee.)


Shared rooms


Architectural ceilings & a cozy community vibe with 2 or 4 beds. Spacious shared bathrooms next door.

Quad room: €350 per person

Twin room: €420 per person

Single room: €520

Rustic modern suite


Traditional stone walls, hardwood flooring and  mountain view from the windows, contrast beautifully with modern furnishings.

Independent from the main building, with its own en-suite bathroom, will give you autonomy & privacy.

€450 per person, based on double occupancy


Delicious vegetarian meals


During the retreat we will have  brunch, mid-day snack and a dinner. There is tea, coffee and fruits available throughout the day.


Oksana Lazda - holistic bodywork practitioner, yoga teacher, mental health advocate

Coming from a background of competitive swimming, Oksana has always been passionate about movement: on external and internal level. She is naturally attracted to  challenges and exploration. This curiosity of inner growth lead her to India and SE Asia back in 2014,  where she discovered meditation practices, such as Vipassana, Osho teachings, yoga and an ability to feel in peace with herself and the outer world. From then on, she stepped out of her marketing carrier and dedicated her time to studying and sharing different movement disciplines, yoga and massage therapy.

Throughout the years she has explored various tools that helped her to navigate through  and anxiety and anger and learn to love the darkest parts of herself. 

Oksana  believes that the way we feel in our bodies reflects in the  way we show up in life. When we feel good, tension free and when our mind is calm,  we naturally create an environment around us where we can be the best versions of ourselves.​

Through trauma informed yoga and massage therapy Oksana helps  people to release layers of accumulated tension and create a state of expansion, calm and ease in their bodies and hearts.

Move to Feel

Feel to Heal

Heal to Love


Danielle Visarius - Spiral Emotional Clearing practitioner, (Equine) Embodiment Coach, Authentic Relating fanatic, Shamanic Practitioner

Danielle feels passionate about contributing to more emotional freedom, realness and acceptance in the world; and about being able to hold complexity and depth; embrace both shadow and light. A part of why she is here, is to bring sparks of change and she loves to see the sparkle in people when they are coming more in alignment with the true self they were always meant to be.

Her 25 years of working and living alongside horses (as a trainer, teacher and later as facilitator) she found out that the relationships we have with others and the world around us, is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with (the different parts of) ourselves.

Through the horses’ direct, non-judgemental and honest way of relating, she received the best (and most confronting) feedback and emotional education ever.

​Her own struggles with low self-esteem, anxiety, relationships, trauma, illness and a chronic lack of self- acceptance, led her to explore and study different healing and therapy modalities, such as Emotional Clearing, Spiral work, Shadow work, Authentic Relating practices, feminine embodiment work, Hypno- & Regression therapy, Shamanic Healing, Body language, Emotional Intelligence and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

The fusion of this, combined with in the moment intuition and fine-tuning is what facilitates the sparks that ignite and support the transformation process of the people she works  with.

Getting to Amara Valley: Amara Valley is located 1,5 hrs drive from Barcelona, Spain. 

By car. If you have your transport, just put "Amara Valley" on google maps and GPS will take you straight there!

If you have extra seats in your car and are open to ofer a ride to others, please, let us know, so we can connect you!

By bus. If you are coming by public transport there are multiple daily buses coming up to Banyoles from Barcelona (c / Pau Claris, 117), near Passeig de Gràcia station. Each way costs 14 € but if you get together with others, you can get the 10 pass card between some of you and pay only 7 € each way.

Here the link to the TEISA bus company to see the schedule:

From Banyoles, it is possible to take a taxi straight to Amara Valley. Taxi ride takes around 15 minutes and the cost is 20€, that you can share between other participants arriving at the same time. We will share taxi contacts with you in the info email prior the retreat.

Don't hesitate to reach out for any questions!

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