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3-6 of March, 2022
Amara Valley Nature Retreat, Catalonia, Spain


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Join us for a lighthearted spring getaway in sunny Amara Valley, Catalunya, Spain.

Motion - Connection - Expression retreat is a blend of movement, yoga and embodiment practices bringing us closer to our elemental nature.


  • Motion: through yoga, somatic expression and dance we become listeners and allow our bodies to talk. When you move, what moves through you?


  • Connection: through embodiment practices and a breathwork we raise our body awareness developing more intimate connection to ourselves, hence to the world around us. How does it feel to feel?


  • Expression: with diverse interactive exercises we become empowered to express ourselves authentically and show our elemental self through our words, voice and body language. What is longing to be expressed?



15:00 -17:00 Arrival

17:00 Welcome Yoga class & Opening Ceremony

19:30 Welcome dinner



8:00 Yoga & Movement

11:00 Brunch

13:00 Time for Massage / Nature Walks / Relaxation / Authentic Relating

15:30 Snack break

16:00 Time for Massage / Nature Walks / Relaxation / Authentic Relating

17:00 Afternoon Workshop: Yin Yoga (Friday) / Ecstatic Dance (Saturday)

19:30 Dinner

20:30 Journaling/Sharing circle/Restorative practices


8:00 Yoga & Movement

11:00 Brunch

13:00 Time for Massage / Nature Walks / Relaxation

15:00 Temazcal Preparations & Ritual (optional, 25€ supplement)

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Silence, broad horizon views, peaceful nature walks, invigorating hikes, cultural heritage area, and a vibrant community. Enjoy a weekend away from your busy life, and let the beautiful nature of Amara Valley provide the perfect setting to have quality time with yourself or in company of your loved ones



There is no better gift than self care! For this getaway weekend the Amara therapists will take you into their arms and allow you to relax to the fullest so you can meet each other from a deeper place. One 60min massage is included for each person, you can have the option of upgrading to 90min once you arrive to Amara!

TEMAZCAL (Optional)

Temazcal is an ancient powerful ritual connected to the alchemy of the elements and connects us to Mother Earth and our ancestral memory. The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is a cleansing ritual that invites our bodies and soul to dissolve in the heat of the “Earth’s womb” where darkness and heat is the only thing to grasp on, allowing us to come out reborn and with a sense of renewed energy, more connected and feeling part of everything.

Apart from the personal inner work that the ritual proposes to us, this medicine circle gifts us with many physical benefits such as limphatic system stimulation and release of toxins.



Ecstatic dance is a movement practice where people come together and dance in a conscious way. The ecstatic dance helps us to ground and reconnect to the aliveness that we feel in our bodies. It is also an opportunity to go beyond the mind, to find a sense of liberation through movement and to feel uplifted. 




Oksana Lazda - yoga | movement | holistic massage

Coming from a background of competitive swimming, Oksana has always been passionate about movement: on an external and internal level. She is naturally attracted to challenges and exploration. This curiosity of inner growth lead her to solo travels around India and South East Asia back in 2014,  where she discovered meditation practices, such as Vipassana, Osho teachings, yoga and an ability to feel in peace with herself and the outer world. From then on, she stepped out of her marketing carrier and dedicated her time to studying and sharing different movement disciplines: gymnastic conditioning, functional range conditioning (FRC),  yoga and massage therapy (shiatsu, deep tissue).

Oksana  believes that the way we feel in our bodies reflects in the  way we show up in life. When we feel good, tension free and when our mind is calm,  we naturally create an environment around us where we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Through trauma informed yoga and movement practices and massage therapy Oksana helps  people to release layers of accumulated tension and create a state of expansion, calm and ease in their bodies and hearts.

Move to Feel

Feel to Heal

Heal to Love

Irene Aronstein - yin yoga | reiki | cacao ceremonies 

During her PhD research (in Law) Irene discovered the power of yoga and meditation, which enhanced her self-awareness, focus and her ability to process through challenging experiences in her work and private life. Being deeply touched by the liberating, calming and soothing character of yin yoga, Irene decided to start sharing this meditative yoga with others. In her yin practices, Irene encourages self-exploration on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, as well as connection, authenticity, and deep relaxation. 


In her cacao ceremonies, Irene combines the alchemy of ceremonial cacao with meditation, visualization, music and yin yoga to support the heart-opening effect of the plant medicine. 


Currently, Irene teaches yin yoga at Frizzant, Anahata and Soho House (all in Barcelona). Her public speaking trainings are popular at the Law Faculty of Radboud University (the Netherlands) and soon are offered in Barcelona too. 

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During the retreat we will have daily brunch and dinner with vegetarian menu - including many plant based & gluten free options - combining local ingredients with the zest of spring.

Food at Amara Valley is fresh, tasty and nourishing!

There is coffee, tea and fruits available throughout the day.



Amara Valley Nature Retreat, Catalunya, Spain


The mission of Amara Valley is to create a healing sanctuary of profound beauty, that enhances the wellness and development of everyone who comes here.

A nurturing place where we can learn to live in harmony, where our creativity can become reality, and where we are able to reimagine and develop our individual and collective potential.

It provides a home where Regenerative Culture in all its forms can be cultivated and celebrated.

Amara Valley and its community are guided by openness, kindness, integrity and love.

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THE FEELS: A magical retreat centre surrounded by oak forest. A vision of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Main Suites _ House Complex.jpg



Prices include all activities, all meals, a 60min massage, sauna session and accommodation at Amara.

(Optional temazcal ceremony also available.)




Architectural ceilings & a cozy community vibe with 2 or 4 beds. Spacious shared bathrooms next door.

Quad room: €295.00 per person

Twin room: €345.00 per person

Cabin Suite 6.jpg
Cabin Suite Bathroom 2.jpg



Cozy, petit room with a magical view over the valley. In suite bathroom. For one or two people.

€420.00 per person (based on double occupancy)

For a price for single occupancy, please, add 30%



Traditional stone walls, hardwood flooring and  mountain view from the windows, contrast beautifully with modern furnishings.

Independent from the main building, with its own en-suite bathroom, will give you autonomy & privacy.

€470.00 per person, based on double occupancy

For a price for single occupancy, please, add 30%


We propose the following program from Thursday 3rd until Sunday 6th of March, but of course everything is optional and you are completely free to make come for the whole retreat time, or chooses less days to accommodate your needs. For shorter stays, please, consult prices via email.

Getting to Amara Valley: Amara Valley is located 1,5 hrs drive from Barcelona, Spain. 

By car. If you have your transport, just put "Amara Valley" on google maps and GPS will take you straight there!

If you have extra seats in your car and are open to ofer a ride to others, please, let us know, so we can connect you!

By bus. If you are coming by public transport there are multiple daily buses coming up to Banyoles from Barcelona (c / Pau Claris, 117), near Passeig de Gràcia station. Each way costs 14 € but if you get together with others, you can get the 10 pass card between some of you and pay only 7 € each way.

Here the link to the TEISA bus company to see the schedule:

From Banyoles, it is possible to take a taxi straight to Amara Valley. A taxi ride takes around 15 minutes and the cost is 20€, that you can share between other participants arriving at the same time. We will share taxi contacts with you in the info email prior the retreat.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any questions!




Prices include all activities, all meals, a 60min massage, sauna session and accommodation at Amara. Optional temazcal ceremony also available.


Travel costs getting to and from Amara Valley

Antigen Covid tests (5.00€ payed to Amara Valley)

Feel called? Have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to chat and answer all your questions!

WhatsApp/Telegram +31 648262595


As per retreat centre Amara Valley Nature Retreat policies, antigen Covid tests are mandatory for every guest upon arrival to the property. Performed as a nasal swab ( €5.00) or saliva test (€10.00). 

We do not ask to wear masks during the retreat activities and meals. And we expect each one of the participants to be responsible and take care of their own and a wellbeing of others and in case of any symptoms of not feeling well: self isolate and inform retreat leaders as soon as possible

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