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It has been proven that employees who exercise before or during work hours can better manage challenges they face throughout the day. Nowadays more and more companies recognise the importance of employees’ health on the companies’ performance. Feeling good in our bodies and calm in our minds significantly improves  our performance and productivity.



Yoga has proven to provide many physical and mental benefits and more and more people start to integrate yoga practice into their lives.

Long hours in front of computers make our shoulders tight and necks sore, fast paced corporate environment, tight deadlines and never ending inbox -  these all factors can add extra stress and anxiety to our lives. Yoga as a practice of:  movement, breathwork and meditation,  is one of the tools that can help to restore our mental and physical comfort.



  • Relieve common pain from desk jobs

Spending long hours in front of computers can compromise our postural patterns and create tension, which later turns into a pain in our bodies. Neck, upper back and hips suffer the most from spending too much time seated. Being distracted by discomfort and pain in our bodies, reduces productivity and ability to focus. Yoga helps to relieve tension in our bodies through fluid movement and gentle stretches and helps to strengthen certain muscles responsible for holding a good posture.

  • Increases energy and reduces fatigue

It is proven that doing any form of physical activity every 30 minutes, including stretching or even standing up, greatly increases blood circulation and promotes oxygenation which is crucial for energy productivity.

Yoga, combining breathing and movement, helps to increase blood flow and energy in the body. Simple scratches can be done throughout the day at the workstation to keep our energy flowing.

  • Improves concentration and focus

Tight deadlines, demanding workload and endless meetings and emails create a mental clutter that makes it  harder to concentrate on tasks and maintain a sharp mind. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are a great way to effectively silence the noise and free the mind of clutter that is compromising productivity. The increase in blood circulation from practicing Yoga also helps to improve brain function for a sharp and focused mind.

  • Promotes team spirit and team building

Stressed workers are more likely to be passive aggressive and impatient towards each other, that affects the overall vibe in the office space and mood of employees, causing them to be less motivated. Bringing yoga to a workplace helps to restore harmony in the office and happy employees are more collaborative and willing to help each other out to achieve excellence.

Holding yoga lessons at the office also invites workers to participate in shared activities that build team spirit and gives them an opportunity to bond in a fun  and relaxed setting.



Yoga can help to create healthy, less stressed and motivated employees who are more productive and cost-effective for organisations. Encouraging employees to take just a few minutes during work hours to do gentle stretches or breathing exercises can make a huge difference in companies performance.


Ideally a yoga class would last 60min, but, I understand that it is not always possible, therefore I offer different packages, startig from 30min. Please, get in touch, so we can discuss the best options for your company! 

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