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combining the ancient wisdom of yoga and modern movement techniques

Combining  traditional yoga with tools from different movement disciplines, somatic and embodiment practices I aim to deliver the wisdom of yoga to our modern world and provide a guidance to integrate it in our daily lives.

My teaching style, same as my practice is forever evolving and expanding.

For me, yoga is a support for life. What we do on the mat, ideally, should support the life off the mat. Therefore, in my classes, I put a significant focus on mobility and functional movement, creating strong and healthy joints and supple body.


Using tools from embodiment, somatic and trauma educated practices I invite students to look inwards and cultivate a simple awareness of everything that happens, moving out of the thinking minds into the feeling bodies.


"When trying to balance in a pose, think of movement. When trying to flow in a movement, think of stilness."



Harmonising the body.

When we come more into our bodies, we start to feel more what is in our bodies.   I don't teach movement, I invite you to learn about yourself through the movement. I am not interested in the form of  a pose as much as the sensation while you are in a pose.

Get curious. Learn about yourself. Explore. Expand. Feel. Flow.

I work with groups, corporate and private clients.


Before your private sessions we will discuss your goals and what would you like to focus towards on your journey, so we can tailor classes to suit best your personal needs.  

Tools that I am working with:

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)

  • Asanas (physical postures)

  • Embodied movement

  • Specific drills and focused flexibility/strength/mobility exercises

  • Daily rituals (journaling,  face yoga, self massage and myofascial release, EFT, etc.)​

Private sessions are a great addition to group classes and a self practice by allowing you to work closely with a teacher in an emotional and physical environment and pace that supports your individual journey in the most optimal way.  Private sessions grant space and time to break down specific postures and movements, focus on specific areas of your practice, and pay closer attention to  bodily sensations and surfacing  emotions.



  • Private sessions (in person & online)

  • Group classes (in person & online)

  • Corporate classes (in person & online)

  • Celebrations/Parties/Get togethers

  • Private retreats

  • Festivals

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